Monday, July 23, 2007


For most of you, yesterday was Sunday. Here it was Stunday, as in a day of stunning events.

First, I was stunned (in a good way) to see a spike in book sales following mention by Chris Brogan, praising Queen Klutz. I’ve been pimping ...errr...promoting the book for months and haven’t seen this kind of sales. Maybe it was his honesty. Not many men would admit that their wife laughs in bed, but this brave soul left this twitter post:

God love ya, Chris!

I saw a similar spike following my interview with Liz Strauss.

I thank them both! Isn’t it great when the blogosphere smiles on you?

Then I was stunned (in a strange way) when Husband got gasoline. No, the act of gassing up the car isn’t stunning (expensive, but not stunning). He dropped Daughter and I off at the grocery store (scene of the non-juggling hair-hanger routine) and took off for the service station on the corner.

Daughter and I finished shopping and waited outside the store. We could see the station but didn’t see his car. We wondered where Husband was, and made up all sorts of fictions about what could be delaying him.

Truth is stranger than fiction, though.

When he pulled up to pick us up, he said, “You’re not gonna believe what happened.”

It takes a lot to send our Unbelievablility Meter into the red, but this did.

While he was at the station, and we were inside the store, he was approached by a scraggly fellow wearing a bandanna. (Not just a bandanna, but as the topper of his crusty, fashion faux pas outfit). Scragglyman asked Husband for a ride to the hospital.

Husband is no fool. He’s been around the block. Hell, he’s been around the world (and yes I mean that both ways - LOL) He sized up ScragglyMan, and determined that he appeared unarmed, non-threatening, and indeed in need of medical assistance. So Husband drove him to the ER.

Along the way, the tale of ScragglyMan unfolded. ScragglyMan’s recent past is...uh...”colorful”.

He needed a lift because he didn’t think he could walk the five more miles it would take to make it to the hospital. His medical emergency was that he was peeing blood now, after being on a meth bender for several days (or possibly months). He wasn’t able to drive because he’d lost his license some time back. Seems he’d been driving someplace to get some weed, and he got kind of tired, so he decided to take a couple of mini-whites, but it turned out they were tranquilizers. He fell asleep at the wheel of the car and had a wreck. For some reason (which he didn’t fully understand) the state saw fit to take his license way from him for this infraction. Oh and he was in mourning because his sister was recently found in a shallow grave. Fortunately they’d reached the ER by the time this bit of information came out, although Husband was never really worried because he is six foot four and ScragglyMan was small, frail and peeing blood (luckily, not in the car).

Even I couldn't make this stuff up.

Then we drove over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. Armed with multiple pages of notes on possible fixes for taming the demon Vista, we again attempted to get the DSL to work. We tried them all. None worked. So with a sigh, I called customer service again.

I was stunned (in a "this-must-be-a-parallel-universe" kind of way) to get someone who spoke English without an India accent. I was even more stunned when he walked me through the setup again, but had me register the modem this time ‘round. Sweet Jesus action figure, things started to work!

So that was the solution. It seems so simple and obvious, I don’t know why one of the 150 people around the world (only one meaning - LOL) I’ve spoken to in the past few weeks couldn’t have told me this, but at least it IS working now. We turned the machine off and back on several times, and tested it in different parts of the house, and it was all good. (Knock on wood - LOL.)

So it was a stranger-than-fiction, stunning weekend here in Mazoorah. How was yours?

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