Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This blog has relocated

I acquired my own domain name and have moved copies of all of the posts and comments from this blog to that location.

That is going to be my permanent home, so if you have links, I thank you, and ask that you change them to this address.

I suspect this will be my last post here. Hope to see you there!

Hugs to all!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Did It!

I got WordPress set up at my own domain and I imported my posts from here!

I also imported my blogroll (haven't edited it yet - the importer just grabbed everybody and threw them in the trunk - LOL)

Please vist my NEW BLOG!

I haven't figured out how to change much there. I was able to get the header turned to purple (my favorite color). But I'll be painting and decorating soon.
- - - - - - -

Blessing to the family of my great-aunt Mildred, who passed away Saturday at age 96.
May she rest in peace.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

What a Deal!

Please go take a peek - trust me!

Amazing Personal Electronic Device

For a very limited time, the incredible GeekThing is FREE with a 2-year service agreement!

Presenting the Amazing GeekThing All-in-One Cell phone, PC/PDA, MP3/Video Player/Recorder, Talking GPS, Universal Remote & More!

The future is here NOW – and it fits in the palm of your hand!, in partnership with a major cell phone manufacturer, is proud to present the exclusive, world-wide release of the incredible new GeekThing Personal Digital Device.

The amazing "Thing" is unlike any personal data device ever made – it’s a PDA/Pocket PC with OLED and holographic projection displays, digital still camera, wireless digital video camera, web browser with WiFi access, 200GB flash-based data storage device, MP3 and digital video player, AM/FM/TV receiver, IR and RF wireless remote control, talking GPS navigation system, and much, much more:
*Data-ready tri-band digital cellular phone
*Large, bright, integrated OLED color and holographic projection displays
*PDA/Pocket PC with 200GB of flash storage (SD/xD expandable)
*WiFi, Bluetooth, 1xRTT, and EVDO wireless data ready - unlimited data plan with service activation!
*5.1MP digital camera with 4x optical/3x digital zoom & flash
*Full Motion, wireless digital video camera – video conferencing in your pocket!
*Digital music & video encoder/record/player
*Talking GPS navigation system with spoken turn-by-turn directions
*AM/FM/TV reception and recording
*IR & RF remote control of TV, stereo, DVD player, X10 devices – even your car alarm!
*USB 2.0 & FireWire 800 data ports
*96 Hour battery life
*Super compact, with pop-out keyboard