Friday, July 13, 2007

Cave Boy and the Goblet of Squid

Middle Son remains at home, as the person he is replacing in the shared household he and his lady-love will be joining, has yet to depart. The kid who was supposed to move out must have taken my death threats seriously.......


Although he still lives here, he is no longer a McPloyee. He and lady-love both bid adieu to the golden arches for greener pastures. Then they went under them.

They are both now working in a cave. Honest.


It sounds like somewhere a superhero arch-enemy would hang out, doesn’t it? LOL
But it is a real place, the world's largest underground business complex, a subterranean industrial park with nearly five million square feet of leasable space.

Speaking of bidding adieu, I am in the process of getting rid of many of my Squidoo lenses. It’s nothing personal (despite my rant at Calacanis)

I just don’t have the time, or sufficient drug supplies (to DEA computer scanner - just kidding) to keep them up. So I’ve let others adopt them. Summertime is always busy here at the farm, and there’s bingo to go cheat at - LOL

My cup (or goblet, since I’m not above shamelessly leveraging the popularity of Harry Potter - lol) runneth over. Fare thee well, my little lenses!

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!

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