Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Husband’s Butt and Other Finery

Well, we’ve moved 8,729 pieces of stuff into my mother-in-law’s garage.

Every one has been washed, so it is not the unwashed masses yearning to be free - it is the washed masses yearning to be sold.

The sale to end all sales (I hope) starts tomorrow.

Every member of the family was drafted into service. Mom-in-law, myself, husband, both sons, daughter and an aunt, have all gathered priceless treasures and deposited them in the garage.

Toby, the cairn terrier was more interested in retrieving anything that was placed low or on the floor, grabbing it and dragging it back into the house, though. Toby does not like change. Toby thinks we are crazy. Toby is right.

Despite Toby’s best efforts to maintain hearth and home as he knew it, the garage is now packed to the brim. The sale starts tomorrow. My sanity should return some time next week.

Here are some pictures - my favorite is of my husband’s butt, which, even when we’re exhausted, will cause me to wink at him when he turns to ask me for more price stickers.

Click to enlarge (the pictures, not my husband. I’ll handle all of his enlargements - LOL)

Mom is selling more than 250 pieces of Moon and Stars depression glass in all colors.

And dozens of collectors plates.

There was so much stuff, we had to put the overflow in the living room.

See the craigslist ad here:

There’s more, but I’m too pooped to post - LOL

Gotta go make more signs now....hope all of you have a wonderful day!

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