Friday, May 11, 2007

Stick it to me

What a week this has been!

Daughter is now 18 years and one week old, and is convinced she is an adult - LOL

She has become obstinate about bedtime and other rules that I, her darling mother, chose to impose on her for no apparent (to her) reason. She has decided to repeatedly stick it to me with reminders that she is now 18. Gee honey, thanks for that, I forgot since you told me three minutes ago. Since you’re all grown up, be a good girl and go get mommy a bottle of liquor - LOL

It has rained, dear gawd how it rained! Perhaps you’ve seen the news regarding flooding in the Midwest. That’s my house floating down the river - LOL

Just kidding. We’re 15 miles from where houses are washing away, but we did get enough rain to make life miserable. Power and Internet access have been sketchy, because this is an old building and all things mechanical and electronical *snicker* hate me.

I apologize for not visiting and commenting. To those of you who “tagged” me for memes or lists, I haven’t had the time to participate, sorry.

What little time I am able to access the Word Wide Web, I’m working, deleting spam (grrr) or checking the ever-depleting bank balance (grrr to over $3 a gallon gas prices that stick it to those of us who pile up automobile miles faster than those crazy people who stack sports cups, a new fad I totally do not understand, which must be proof that I am getting old and I digress way too much - sorry) and trying to figure out who’s got their fingers in my pie. Literally.

I bought a pie at the grocery store the other day. A lovely cherry pie. When I got home (Digression alert! Getting home was no easy task, as the main thoroughfare to town was flooded so I had to take the go-through-the-country-on-the-winding-washed-out-road-
and unpacked the bags (sinful me, they were made of environmentally-unfriendly, flipping-the-finger-at-Mother-Nature plastic! Sorry, digressing again) my pie had a giant hole in it. Yes, I had a pie hole.

It looked like the cashier or bag boy had poked their thumb (or some other appendage that I don’t even want to consider) smack into the middle of my sweet cherry pie. (Oh great, now I’ve got that song stuck in my ever-digressing head. I’m told the proper term for a song stuck in your head is “earworm,” but that sounds really gross and is too reminiscent of The Wrath of Khan, and dammit I’m digressing in my digressions. Grrrr again.) Gawd knows what other indignities my no-longer-a-virgin pie was subjected to. I didn’t want to think about it, so the entire pie bit the dust in the bottom of the trash can. Bye, bye Miss American pie (another earworm for all of you playing along).

(Dang, this is supposed to be funny and cheerful - don’t worry, be happy, don’t even think about THAT song - LOL) At least the sun is shining today! Hooray for sunshine! Hooray for mothers! Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers! Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right...well you get the drift, or the float, if you live around here.

Peace and joy to all of you!

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