Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marti Sends Her Love

Boy: Mom asked us to write this message for her.
Girl: Because she has been real sick.
Boy: She wanted to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Girl: And let you know she isn’t dead.
Boy: That’s not funny, what’d you say that for?
Girl: She told me to.
Boy: But Grandpa just died, I don’t think people will think that is funny.
Girl: Mommy said her friends are kind of twisted and they will laugh.
Boy: Mom has pneumonia. I don't think she knows what is funny right now.
Girl: HAD. She is getting better. Now it is more the dizzy and puking thing.
Boy: Vertigo. She has vertigo. Don’t say puking, that’s gross. She told us to say she was vomiting.
Girl: Hey, I am the one who has to dump the barf bucket, I know how gross it is.
Boy: I don’t know why she wouldn’t go to the hospital.
Girl: She said anybody who has ever worked at a hospital avoids them if they are conscious.
Spike, the Cat: I am glad she didn't go to the hospital. Grandpa was in the hospital, and all of you left me here alone for hours at a time.
Boy: We’re sorry, Spike. (Pets kitty)
Spike, the Cat: Don’t treat me so condescendingly, I’m not stupid. I sit on the Girl’s lap when they watch Gray’s Anatomy. I know what a hospital is. It is a torture factory.
Girl: Spike is right.
Spike, the Cat: (Purrs) I don’t like being here alone. The house makes creepy noises, and there is that shadowy thing that only I can see, that scares the crap outta me.
Boy: So are we done?
Girl: Mom said you would say that.
Boy: She said we had to write it on the blog. This is the blog, right?
Girl: She said we had to send the link to the e-mail people. And the Squid people.
Spike, the Cat: (Stops licking self, looks up) Tell me of these fish people.
Boy: No, Spike, they are the Squidoo people she works with. She wants them to know she will be back.
Girl: Once she is over the pneumonia and puking.
Boy: (Sighs) She said...oh never mind. You just did that to annoy me didn’t you?
Girl: What are little sisters for?
Boy: Happy Valentine’s Day, sis.
Girl: Happy Valentine’s Day, bro.

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