Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Like a big pizza pie, that’s a new year.

I know this, because I’m in the center of a giant astrological compass, with the sky and starys spinning around me. No, I am not on drugs and singing, “Good morning, Starshine, the earth says hello”.

God don’t I wish - LOL

See, we are situated high on a hill. And this allows the seasonal north/south shift of the sun and the moon to be more noticeable.

In the summer the sun sets over the barn - in the winter, it sets over the south barbed wire fence. (Bet that hurts - lol)

And the first full moon of the new year smacks me right in the face, coming in through the bathroom window with its shiny, eye-piercing beam.

So y’all can have Dick Clark, or this totally insane Japanese New Year greeting, which simply has to be seen to be believed, courtesy of Miss Cellania. Guaranteed giggles (and nakedness! lol)

I know it’s the New Year when I get mooned. LOL

I missed Tuesday night chat at Successful Blog last night, but it was for a worthy cause. Well, maybe not “worthy” but entertaining - LOL

We rented, Snakes on a Plane on its first day of release. It didn’t quite live up to the hype of the young clerk at Blockbuster who claimed, “You have made the best decision of your life! This is the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!”

I smiled what Husband calls my, ”You’re-a-moron” smile. He knows it well - LOL! Not from being the recipient (not too often, anyway - lol) but from having been with me when we found ourselves in the company of morons. I try so hard to be polite...I know many of them simply can’t help being morons.

The movie did provide us with considerable giggles, and an evening of shared family entertainment, which is priceless.

Speaking of what you can put a price on, (smooth segueway, eh? lol) I could sure use some help filling out a meme blog-link-list about what a person would be willing to do for a million dollars.

I won’t be cruel enough to “tag” anyone with the is strictly voluntary.

Amy, and Miss Britt have been kind enough to post their thoughts.

There are ten questions, and a few suggestions for things to consider when answering. You can write your own questions too, if you want. Answers get added to the list, which is getting a lot of attention, so I guarantee you’ll see some return traffic from adding your answer to one or all of the questions. It just looks kind of pathetic only having my answers on there, so please add some - LOL

Plus you can read my dirty-girl answers *giggle*

You can list you blog there yourself or let me know, and I’ll add your links.

I resolved to link to my friends more often - can you tell? LOL! I hope all of you are having a great 2007!

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