Saturday, January 20, 2007

Whatta Week

A little more than a week ago the ice storm started. What fun (if you’re a tow truck driver)! Went slip-slidin’ away back and forth on the insanity run.

The jackass brigade was out in full force...morons with bald tires, small brains and big egos. Ain’t no ice storm gonna slow them down! That telephone pole they wrapped themselves around does, though.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and the irony of ironies occurred. I actually saw a commercial for a MLK white sale. Seriously.

Tuesday everything went to hell. My father-in-law fell on the ice. Broke his hip. Laid on the ice for fifteen minutes before anyone found him. Once they got him to the hospital, they discovered a heart murmur that my mother-in-law explained to them he has had ALL HIS LIFE. He’s 89. Healthy as a horse (prior to the busted hip anyway - lol)

But they wouldn’t do anything for the hip until they could have a specialist look at the heart, because God fuggin forbid they run the liability risk of doing anything logical.

So he suffered for a full day (“No, I don’t like taking pills,” he grimaced at the offer of pain medication, unlike me, who, whenever I am broken, gladly accepts and pleads for more - LOL)

We got them to slip it into his IV. Me and mom-in-law are sneaky bitches - LOL

Got an offer to go eat at, “A great new Mexican place”.

Not. Not. Not.

Taco Bueno is awful. Beyond awful. I would have sooner eaten gauze bandages at the hospital. Used ones.

So now he’s recovering. Didn’t have to have total hip replacement, as once the doctors figured out their malpractice insurers would allow them to FIX him, they were able to put a pin in his leg to put the bone back together. Has a touch of pneumonia in one lung, but is improving.

Meanwhile, I am still gagging at the mere thought of the world’s worst enchilada.

S’posed to get six inches tonight. (Snow you gutter-minds - lol)

Hope this finds all of you well!

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