Friday, January 26, 2007


Marti as an m & m character

Purple, ‘cause that’s my favorite color
Blonde hair, ‘, duh - lol
Wearing eyeglasses, ‘cause I’m damn near blind without them
Sensible shoes for a woman with two metal ankles
Coffee cup, due to sleep deprivation

Make one of yourself for your blog!

I could say something incredibly crude like eat me, but that would be wrong. LOL

After the week I’ve had, I think it’d be more like “bite me” anyway.

Pacing the halls in a hospital is hideous. Zero on the fun scale. Father-in-law’s condition has swung wildly back and forth, blood pressure unstable, in and out of coma. Fortunately, his condition is starting to stabilize. Mine has deteriorated into blathering incoherence. So I needed a little something to make me smile, and when I saw Hillbilly Princess had this cute little m & m character (complete with crown and fishing pole - LOL) I decided to make one for myself.

Also, today is Amy’s birthday!

So jump over and wish her well! She designed this beautiful template, which I need to request an update for, since Christmas was a month ago - LOL!

I thank all of you who continue to stop by, since I haven’t had time to visit much.

Still waiting (tapping foot impatiently - lol) for more of you to weigh in on the Million Dollar Meme - what you would do (or not do) for a million dollars.

(I know I'm nagging, I'm stuck on these "m" things today - lol)

Someday when you come up blank on what to post, consider answering, ‘k?

I hope this finds all of you well, and that everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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