Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Silly Christmas

I was at Aldi this morning. It’s a discount grocery store. They’re very basic, warehouse style stores, but they sell a damn fine can of corn for 29 cents. Bread is 50¢.

I buy a lot of stuff there - LOL

They carry odd lots and discontinued merchandise too, so you find Halloween costumes there in November.

I laughed out loud at the display I spotted this morning though...Britney Spears perfume. Yup, the stuff that she has those nonsensical commercials for, that JUST CAME OUT. I mean, Aldi makes Walmart look like Macys, so that gives you an idea of what a high-end product she is peddling - LOL

It just made me laugh. I am easily amused.

I also get a laugh from yard decorations gone awry. Saw a Santa and reindeer, made of solid molded plastic, in front of a house. The wind had blown Santa over though, and he was lying across the back of the reindeer, Since he was unbalanced, the wind rocked him back and forth. It gave the appearance of Santa gettin’ it on deerie-style.

Furthermore, there is a large inflatable snow globe thing down in town that has made me laugh for weeks now.

Inside the inflated clear plastic spheroid (thank you Thesaurus - lol) is an inflated white snowman. There is an air pump that circulates fake snow, to give the appearance of a real snow globe. Except they set it on a bit of a slope, so the pump doesn’t spew the white flakes up to the top of the clear outer globe, but instead spurts them out about butt-high of the snowman. He looks like he has severe flatulence. We absolutely roar with laughter every time we go by it. We even laugh when we see properly working ones, just thinking of the farting Frosty.

I am easily amused.

I am going through the ol’ blogroll, to send each of you good wishes. I know I don’t visit often, and I apologize for that. I wish I could, as I truly enjoy hearing about your lives.

And just for giggles, here are the latest additions to my funny t-shirts:

Happiness can’t buy money

Subliminal Message Experiment

Too subtle? LOL

So...have any of you seen some funny Christmas stuff?

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