Friday, November 17, 2006

The Talking Pocket

Howdy, all. I’m still as beat as a slow mule, but had a little funny this mornin’ that I thought I’d share.

This gettin’ up at 3 AM crap makes everything seem funny to me though, so maybe it really ain’t. Let me know. Or not. Hell, I don’t know when I’ll ever get back here LOL

I’m powerful sorry for not visiting anyone lately.

First off, yes, both my car and son’s car are still dead. I still drive 8 million miles a day to get hubs to work, come back, get daughter to school, come back, get the boy to McDonald’s, come back, run errands, come back, go get hubs, come back, go get the boy, come back...then die. LOL

I fall asleep around 6 PM these days.

But this morning, as I was driving husband’s car (that I am still not familiar with) I started hearing a strange little beeping noise. “For the love of gawd, WTF is that?” I wondered. I didn’t really care to investigate. The car was still travelling down the road in a reasonably straight line...that was good enough. But when I dragged the lad from slumber and he was getting read to leave with me, he said, “What’s that noise?”

I gave him the blank zombie mombie look that is pretty much permanent now. He gently lifted my purse off my shoulder and investigated.

I had hit some damn button on my cell phone when I jammed it into my purse, and its little camera was trying to capture an image of the linty interior.

He chuckled and said, “Something like this happened to me the other day. I accidentally hit this button (pointing to button so zombie mom would comprehend) and it somehow redialed the last number I had called. My girlfriend picked up and started saying, ‘Hello? HELLO? HEY!!’ I was at work, and all of a sudden there is a voice calling out from my pants pocket. That gave everyone a good laugh.”

For some reason (probably sleep deprivation) I found the Talking Pocket quite hilarious. Somebody slap me.

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