Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Isn’t it grand that the gods decided Marti didn’t have quite enough crap in her life, and delivered a special truckload of manure for Halloween? LOL

My blog vanished. Poof! Happy Halloween - it’s gone!

I don’t know why. I do not understand WordPress-speak. It was still here if you added “blog” to the end of the URL. Tricky bastard. I wrote to WordPress forum. I got an answer that was similar to the instructions for constructing a matter transport machine. If they were written in Chinese. By an Ethiopian.

But God bless her beautiful soul, Amy rode to my rescue. I wrote her an enormous rant, and she is to be congratulated first for not changing her e-mail address and not telling me - LOL

I bitched about not having a car, having to drive so far every day, the cold weather, the blog disappearing, and the general crappiness of life.

Her kind soul, warm sense of humor and genius mind saved me! She boosted my spirits and fixed my blog! What a woman!

So the blog is back! Thank you, Amy, you earned mucho karma points for putting up with me! Stop by and tell her her how swell she is! She’s got a beautiful new template too!

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