Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice Syn and Quer

Ice Ice Baby
We in the Kansas City metro area are in the throes of an ice and snow storm. Roadways are skating rinks, I ain't goin' out there.

Here's what our last big ice storm looked like. This is our driveway, the trees are bent over under the weight of a solid one inch coating of ice.

My debut novel, River of Possibilities is now for sale.

Because I am a kind and generous soul, (and so modest - lol) and I believe that giving leads to receiving, you can read the COMPLETE novel online.

I loved researching all of the paranormal stuff that is in the book, and I loved writing it, but my synopsis sucks - LOL!

So I'm having a contest.

Help Me Syn
I am not happy with the synopsis for the novel. (And you thought I just couldn't spell "sin" Trust me, I'm an expert on sin *snicker*)

So for two weeks, there is a contest. Write the best synopsis. Or the worst. Any synopsis. The whole book is free online.

Winner gets a free print copy of the book. I'll post all entries, y'all vote. A free print copy goes to the winner. I'll be turning to friends to spread the word, and would appreciate links.

I'd also like some samples of great query letters. I've read lots of examples of great queries, but I get real stoopid when I try to write my own.


Let's Try Quer
A SECOND contest (with free print copy as prize - like duh, I'm trying to promote this book - lol) which will also be judged by readers.

Both contests end December 7, at 11:59 PM

Thanks! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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