Saturday, October 07, 2006

Free-kin' Weekend


Got some free goodies for ya!

Free humor book!
I’ve teamed up with Leeuna Foster, a fabulously funny Southern gal, and we are offering free books!

Free virtual pumpkin carving!
Ben and Jerry’s Virtual Pumpkin (requires Shockwave - be warned! If you download it, browser windows will close!) Select your pumpkin, then add eyes, noses, eyebrows, even a “scar”. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the finished pumpkin.

Free mooning!
Moon games to play online, free! Great moon pictures, interesting facts about the moon and our moon travels, children's books and poetry on the moon, a live moon charting java tool so you'll know when the moon is full, half or barely there... NASA shots, lots more, scroll all the way down!

Free Halloween screensavers and wallpapers

Free Halloween games!

Free Halloween greeting cards!

Free Halloween crafts!

More freebies at my All Hallows Eve!

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