Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are you Lost too?

I’m...dazed. For a period of time, I was obsessed with Lost. Read message boards, pieced together clues and analyzed theories. Now, there's the mini-season. This season opener was the first of six new weekly episodes that will air before "Lost" takes a hiatus until February, when it will continue without a break through May.

I thought I was on the wrong channel when the show opened - LOL! A book club? Then we got all the flashbacks that revealed...what? That Jack is stubborn? Wow! What a shocker! (not!)

Daughter started talking about making her Halloween costume, and I found my interest in fabric discussion more enthralling than creepy HenBen (although he is deliciously evil - LOL)

Did anyone else get a KateRape vibe? Is Juliet a subversive? Subversive to the subversives? Are the Others abandoned Dharmaites or renegades? So what does it all mean? Do I even care any more? I dunno. I just wish I could fix my damned WordPress blog template to take this spider web background, and the header wasn’t offset in Firefox LOL

I 'm gonna go Squid.... I wrote an e-book on it - LOL

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