Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another one bites the dust

RIP '95 Hyundai
The boy’s vehicle is dead.

The mechanic examined its sorry CARcass (sorry, bad pun) and the timing belt snapped. This caused the head to crack (which is pretty much what happened to the boy and his mother when we heard the news).

To repair it would cost $2,000.

So now we are at less than zero. The boy got Monday off, to grieve LOL

Yesterday, we all got up at 3 AM to:

  • Take the boy to McDonald’s for a very early morning shift.

  • Drive across the state line to deliver Husband to his office.

  • Drive BACK across the state line to come home.

  • Drag the girl from slumber.

  • Drag the semi-slumbering girl to school.

  • Return home and start searching want ads and car reviews for something cheap and reliable, which I am quickly learning, is an oxymoron.

Driving Husband’s car back in the pre-dawn hours, I maintained a steady 10 and 2 grip on the steering wheel, as the weather was drizzly and the semi-trucks were like freight trains on asphalt.

Something happened to Husband’s radio. I don’t know what. Maybe the automotive gremlins that destroyed the other two cars had hopped in for the ride. Just as the orange construction barrels popped up and there were lighted roadwork signs, flashing warnings of “shifting lanes ahead” (WTF?) everywhere, the radio channels began jumping from one to another.

I was trapped in a universe where country music, a really filthy stand-up comic, the farm report and Martha Stewart each could be heard for about five seconds. It went something like this:

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys with the biggest tits I’ve ever seen rolled out flat and sprinkled with soybeans and sorghum old trucks that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose baked for one hour with doctors and lawyers and such.

I tell ya, I was hoping one of the big trucks would just kill me after a couple of minutes of that.

Yet onward I drove. And drove. Got girl to school, and came home to search newspapers and Internet for automobiles. Picked the boy up at 2 PM and drove to several car lots to amuse the salesmen with our request of a reliable car for two thousand dollars. Collected a lot of business cards, probably gave them a good coffee break topic, under the heading of, “You won’t believe what some fool asked me today!” I think one took our picture with his cell phone, probably for the Freak of the Day bulletin board.

Today Hubs drove himself in, as the boy has the day off. We’ve called and searched and amused loan officers hither and yon. The boy is blue. I gave him a hug and told him to go listen to some music for a while. I came to the keyboard and here we are LOL

It’s not early for a drink is it?

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