Monday, October 16, 2006

And then there were none

With apologies to Agatha Christie and prostitutes

For those of you with short-term memory loss, or new readers, here’s the tragic tale to this point.

Things are...let's see, how can I put this? If my life sucked any more, I’d be a black hole. LOL

There seems to be some unwritten law of the universe, that Middle Son and I can not BOTH have working vehicles. At the moment, NEITHER of us does.

He buys a car, mine goes in the shop. My car is running, something breaks on his.

It's been this way since he bought his car. Then he got in a wreck about three weeks ago. His car was at the shop, but it was his girlfriend's birthday, so I let him drive my car to see her. He returned home around 10:30 PM, and called out... "I hate to tell you this..."

Seems that upon picking up girlfriend to go out for a bite to eat, the car (my car) developed some problems. It would go forward, but only slowly, refusing to shift to a higher gear.

I have no money to repair the transmission, and Middle Son spent all his money getting his car repaired from the wreck. So I've had no car for 3 weeks.





On Saturday, he was heading to work at McDonalds, and he called, saying his car died between here and there. Husband was off, so I drove his car down and picked Middle Son up. Took him to McDonalds then picked him up at the end of his shift. We went back to where Middle Son's car was, and it still wouldn't start, so he had to call a tow truck and have it taken to the mechanic's. He begged someone to work his shift today at McDonald's, and we are waiting to hear what the mechanic says is wrong with his car.

So at the moment we have zero cars here LOL

Lots of rain though. Yep, lots and lots of rain. Ain’t nothin’ that makes being stuck in the house with a sullen youngen, just ever so much better, like ceaseless dreary weather. Yes-sir-ee, good times. LOL

I did get a mighty fine chuckle from watching a Wanda Sykes special on HBO the other night. I will leave you this day with her funnies, as my funnies are few - LOL!

I think I need some Funny 2.0.


We need to bring our men and women back from Iraq. It’s a waste! What good’s it gonna do? So what if we do help them have elections? They’ll probably just vote in some jackass who’ll screw up their country...we did!

Look at what our government’s done to Medicare. Scarin’ all them old people, tellin’ them they have to sign up by the deadline or lose their benefits. I’ve got elderly aunts, I don’t want to see them out there on the street corner, hookin’ for their ‘scripts! Can’t you just see it? (Assumes person of a hunched over old woman) “Ummm, excuse me? Hand job for a Fosomex?”

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