Saturday, September 30, 2006

There Can Be Only One

Highlander MovieNo, not the Highlander movie, which was way cool.


This is w-a-y uncool.

There seems to be some unwritten law of the universe, that Middle Son and I can not BOTH have working vehicles.

He buys a car, mine goes in the shop.

His car is running, something breaks on mine.

So now...there can be only one.

(And it ain’t mine - LOL)

My car is, in technical terms - fuggdup.

It is bashed in on both sides. It has no outside rearview mirrors. It takes two people to roll up the passenger door window, because it jumps out of the track in a futile attempt to flee the horror of its surroundings. (For you youngens who have lived your entire life with electric automobile windows that rise with the push of a button, there are still some of us Neanderthals who drive such ancient vehicles that we have to MANUALLY raise and lower the glass.) One person has to be inside cranking the handle up, and a second individual must stand outside the car, pushing the kamikaze glass back into its track.

There is something in the front end that goes, “Skree-thump, skree-thump” when we turn a corner.

Its last oil change was roughly 7,000 miles ago. I’m not sure because the odometer quit working.

Then the transmission gave up the ghost. (Speaking of ghosts - I am excited beyond belief that tomorrow starts Halloween Month! *giggle*)

So here she sits, all sad and lonely. Daughter is back on the bus, which adds to her cheery disposition in the mornings (insert intense sarcasm - LOL)

Middle son is running all my errands for me. Wanna guess how thrilled he is about that? LOL

Bats may show up soon here. I have lots of time to look for Halloween graphics.

And me? I’m going bat-shit crazy without my car.

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