Thursday, September 07, 2006

School Trolls

Dear Daughter slugged him. I got the dreaded phone call - please come to the office. Groan.

They sat in there, the miscreant ne’er do well, and Dear Defiant Daughter.

Nothing but a metal office chair and a fog of fury separated them. I sighed. I was expecting this (unfortunately). He’s been tormenting her for years. She got her period. She snapped. No court in the land would convict her LOL

We adjourned to the counselor’s office. Explanations were in order. The lad shrugged and claimed innocence and wonderment at being attacked. Daughter rolled her eyes so severely, I feared they would pop out and spin across the floor.

Fool. His puny intellect was unprepared for the onslaught. Daughter launched a tirade worthy of the finest orators in the land. Listing, step by step, year by year, report by report, the pain and suffering inflicted upon her tender soul by Moron Boy, and her requests to the administrators for castigation (not castration, we’re not barbarians LOL)

I was so proud.

Of course I had to wear my Stern Mommy face, because we do not resolve our differences with physical violence. It required the strength of Hercules to remain straight-faced when they asked why she hit him. “Because nothing else got anyone’s attention.”

So they’re both in trouble. Didn’t really seem fair to me, but I’m biased. If some jackass tormented me for years, sticking gum in my hair, calling me names, tripping me in the hallway and incessantly tapping my shoulder from the riser above me in choir, only to be released from any punishment when the incidents were reported, I’d have snapped too.

But don’t tell Dear Daughter. I gotta be Mean Mommy even when I hate it.

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