Friday, September 15, 2006

Pissed Off Mama

You damned drunken bitch.

You have got some nerve. I can’t divulge specifics, because this may well go to court, and I’m not having my blog pulled in as evidence - LOL

I got a phone call at 11 PM. “Mom, I’ve been in a car accident.”

When my heart started beating again, I asked if he was OK. Yes. Was anyone hurt? No.
Thank you, God.

Can’t go into any details, but I will say that the police report (which I just returned home with) shows that the other driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

It’s right there in the report.

Yet, this woman had the audacity to file a claim against Middle Son’s insurance. As I drove him in to McDonald’s this morning, his cell phone rang. I am driving him because his car is at the shop, courtesy of Drunken Bitch. It was his insurance company telling him that she had filed for damages. He was half-asleep and mumbled something. When he got off the phone I asked him who was calling and he told me. I was shocked!

“SHE is filing against YOU?!?”

We hadn’t even SEEN the police report. But you can bet your ass I hustled straight over to that police station after dropping the lad off. Got copy of file, took it to car and read about her failure to pass the sobriety test and how she was arrested.

Steam was coming out of my ears by the time I finished reading. I am still so furious, I want to break something LOL

Instead, I did what all bloggers do, and start typing.

Type, breathe, type, breathe.


I’m not sure what course of action we will take. It isn’t really my responsibility, it’s Son’s.

But I am one pissed off mutha....

25th Wedding Anniversary

In totally unrelated news, one week from today on September 21st is our 25th wedding anniversary. Cards, flowers and cash donations gladly accepted LOL

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