Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor of Love

Here it is, Labor day weekend, and me without my lights up yet LOL

School has started, which means it’s time to bring out the finest whines:

Riesling - “No! I don’t want to get up yet, five more minutes!”

Bordeaux - “This homework is dull, I’m never going to need to know this stuff.”

Champagne - “I can’t go to school, My foot hurts. The pain is awful, I can’t walk.”

I think she needs a hobby. Maybe cat juggling.

Cat Juggling

That’s it...I got nothin’ else funny, sorry. Just wanted to wish all of you a glorious Labor Day weekend! If you haven’t purchased a copy of my new book, please do! On sale through Labor Day, regularly $14.95, this weekend only $12.95. Don’t make me come after you. *snicker*

Duh on me. The first picture I had up was indeed dogs. Never post drunk, Marti...or at 4 AM...or drunk at 4 AM *snicker*
Here it is:

Cat Juggling

UPDATE: Sonofabitch...I am trying to make it through the ol' blogroll today to wish everyone well. Unfortunately, Blogger is having "issues" again. I switched my Blogger blog (where I co-post these messages) to the new "Beta" version. Now when I try to comment at other Blogger blogs, it tells me, in what my mind's voice reads as a snotty French accent, that, "No-eww! Yew meh not do zat! If ze bloggar eeze not using ze new beta, we spit on both of you!"

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