Monday, September 25, 2006


The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good
We had a pleasant anniversary. Stayed home, took it easy, exchanged gifts.

Do y’all watch The Simpsons? There was an episode where Homer forgot to get Marge a gift, and when she gave him HIS gift, he said, “Doh! I didn’t get you anything!” She smiled, handed him another box, and said, “Yes you did.” LOL

When husband saw that, he said, “That is a GREAT IDEA! Let’s do that from now on!”

So I did.

I got him a TITANIUM anniversary band, which is just unbelievably cool - LOL
It is made from aircraft titanium, and seein’ as how we eloped (sort of) to Reno during the Air Races, lo those 25 years ago, aircraft titanium was just too awesome for me to pass up. He loved it.
Titanium Ring

A smooth, contemporary band that is perfect for the modern man. Fashioned from aircraft quality titanium, this men's wedding/anniversary band features a two-part "spinning" feature in which the top part of the ring is cradled into the inside of the ring and freely "spins". A 0.01 carat diamond and gold electroplated edges give this tasteful ring the perfect final style touches. "Always & Forever" is inscribed inside the band in script.

Titanium Ring

He got me ( *snicker* ) a lovely 3 diamond anniversary necklace.

Sigh...of course the good times roll - right off the table, onto the floor, out the door and down the driveway, where they develop transmission problems.

The Bad
The boy’s car is still in the shop, awaiting the attorney’s intervention. Drunken Bitch who was involved in the accident, successfully filed a claim against Middle Son’s auto insurance, so it appears he is going to be liable for his own repairs unless by some miracle The Finest Lawyer In the World is working out of a strip mall in the Midwest LOL

Yesterday, girlfriend returned from out of town, and having gone an entire weekend without contact, the lad was desperate. Plus it’s her birthday. Much begging and promises of vast quantities of household chore performances lured me into a Devil’s bargain, and I let him drive in MY car to see her last night.

(You can see this comin’, can’t you?)

He returned home around 10:30 PM, and called out to his sleeping mother to join him in the living room.

“I hate to tell you this...” he began.

Expletives flew through the windmills of my mind like snowflakes in a blizzard. Seems that upon picking up girlfriend to go our for a bite to eat, the car (my car) developed some problems. It would go forward, but only slowly, refusing to shift to a higher gear. They returned to girlfriend’s home. Her father assessed the situation, and found the car to be low on transmission fluid. He had some on hand and added it, and the lad was able to limp it back to our house. I was a’feared to drive Daughter to school in it today.

Fortunately, misfortune had struck - LOL

The youngens were sick last week as strep throat is traveling around our community and naturally they shared their germs with us. So this morning, Husband is powerful ill and stayed home. Which is bad. But good. LOL

Since he didn’t go in to work, his car is here, so I took Daughter to school, Son to work and myself to the liquor store - LOL

Just kidding.

I did call the mechanic though, and I am going to attempt to take MY car up there soon, so it can commiserate with Son’s car, about how horribly we treat them.

Pray to the Gods of All Things Mechanical for me.


The Ugly
Middle Son’s car after encounter with Drunken Bitch.

We have got to be the unluckiest car owners in the world LOL

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