Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am proud to announce I am an S.O.B.!

Successful Blog Badge

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog was kind enough to bestow the honor of being a Successful Outstanding Blogger upon me, and do an interview with me to help promote my new book. Stop over and pay her a visit!

Be sure to take your coins for the bridge troll...LOL

Thank you so much darlin'!

I got REALLY sick last night, so I'm just getting up and about. It was the craziest thing...

Since I’ve broken so many of my bones, it seemed like a good idea to be taking a supplement. When will I learn that “good ideas” are not for me? LOL

I got a chewable version of Glucosamine Chondroitin and ate one. In less than an hour I started feeling sick. My throat felt tight and my right jaw started swelling up. By two hours later, the whole right side of my face was inflamed and throbbing. My right eye was watering like it was being given a private showing of Terms of Endearment.

I took some aspirin - didn't help. I took some Aleve - didn't help. My right eye swelled nearly shut. My cheek was invading my earlobe's personal space.

The pain intensified. THROB! THROB!

I was thinking “S.O.B.” but not in reference to darlin’ here

I began drinking gallons of water while looking up glucosamine adverse reactions on the internet (with my one good eye). It seems that in rare cases, it can cause the symptoms I had. That’s usually in people who have allergic reactions to shellfish, which I’ve never had, but we are talking about ME here LOL

If there is anyone on the planet who is going to develop a sudden freakish symptom, it will be yours truly. I kept drinking water to flush it out of my system, and finally found some old Vicaden and took one of them. That let me get some sleep (except for waking up ever two hours to pee LOL)

Still tender this morning.
Continuing to drink water (and pee - LOL) Ah oh, gotta go (literally)...........

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