Thursday, August 17, 2006

Runnin’, Runnin’


What was that? Something just went whizzing by at just under the speed of light.

Oh, that was Marti. School starts today.

Just got the girl-child onto the bus. You know, the one the school newsletter said would leave the bus barn in ten minutes. C’mon, I didn’t get this old bein’ stoopid. LOL I’ve been puttin’ youngens on that bus for twenty years.

ME: “Come on girl! We have to drive down to the end of the driveway.”

GIRL: {{Still performing ablutions in the bathroom}} “It’s not time yet!”

ME: “Yes it is! Look at the clock!” (Note: This is the clock I set ahead four minutes, in preparation for this moment *snicker*. Clock manipulation is one of the many artifices in the prepared mother’s bag of tricks.)

GIRL: “Ack!”

ME: {{must not chuckle must not chuckle}}

GIRL: {{Dashing towards door}} “So let’s GO!”

Go we did. Slowly at first, until we reach the crest where we can see the street. The street where a big yellow rooftop lurks.

GIRL: “Ack! Go faster!”

We are already going 25 miles an hour down the gravel roadbed. If I speed up we will hit that last bump near the end of the driveway and launch OVER the bus, a la Dukes of Hazzard. Since I’m not wearing my cut-off short-shorts and a bandana printed shirt tied jauntily under my breasts, I decline. We still managed to get her safely up the rubber-cleated steps. The driver grins and waves to me. A new year begins.

I return to the house to learn that...ACK! (A good “Ack“ LOL) I have been profiled on Third Age Blog by BlogHer featured speaker, Yvonne Divita!

Please swing over there and read the interview! Right now I have to go reset all of the clocks, the boy has to get up for work before long....LOL!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

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