Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today is My Birthday!

Yup. Born in 1953, so I’m 53 years old today, July 29.

53 - 53, shouldn’t that be some kind of lucky thing or somethin’? LOL (Been more like a jinx lately - LOL!)

I don’t feel old in my head LOL

If you’d like to do something nice for me *snicker* you can go take a peek at the quotation and funny sayings T-shirts I designed.

Over the years, I have collected thousands of quotes and such, just ‘cause I liked them. A clever turn of a phrase can always cheer me up. Then Husband started requesting tag lines for his work memos, and I collected and wrote even more.

I was encouraged by blog-buddy Amy who has some very cute designs at her Cafe’ Press Shop to give it a try. So I got a trial set-up there, to see if I could rake any dollars my way LOL

Also have a fabulous writer friend, Leeuna, from Southern Humorists, who is in a writing contest.
Here is her lovely plea: (She’s so sweet!)
If y'all get time, please go here Blog Carnival and vote for your favorite article. Mine is titled The Crack in the Southern Belle, but vote the way you see it. If you like one of the others better, please vote for it instead. This must be honest. The winner gets $40.00, which I have promised to Marti's favorite IRS auditor. :-)

Your help is appreciated.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I am so grateful for all of the wonderful internet friends and blog buddies I have made - God bless you all!

I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend! Now I’m gonna go eat cake LOL!

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