Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Day the Blogger Died

Crescent Moon Sunrise
So bye, bye, Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry....

I’m feeling pensive, and the contemplative nature of that song seems to fit.

I took this photo, of the crescent moon high above the treetops, as the sun was just rising, casting a rosy glow across the skyscape, on January 24, the day my original blog died. It sat in the camera until Valentine’s day, when I snapped a few pictures of Daughter’s first rose from a boy. I unloaded it to the computer along with the flower photos, but was still in mourning/denial, and couldn’t bear to look at it until now.

I am reconciled to the death of the original blog, Digital Doorway now that another moon has passed, and decided it was time to renew myself as well.

I apologize for not posting much, or visiting my regulars readers of late, as I have been in the throes of writing, editing and forcing myself to learn new technologies so I may join the hallowed ranks of "published authors". It is frustrating, time consuming and humbling.

I hear the clarion call of, "Come to the dark side". No, I’m not turning evil LOL I am debating book covers. Which do you like better...dark background with light text, or light background with dark text?

I’ve faced so many style questions I am going batty. I had no headers, only page numbers at first, then spent hours learning how to insert a header in Word. My "header" needs an aspirin LOL

Do you, as a reader, prefer a chapter title that is centered or left justified? Do you think the chapter title should start halfway down the page, followed by a small amount of spaces (say two lines) then the text begins? Or chapter title higher (like a quarter of the way down the page), greater amount of space before text begins at say, center of page? Or chapter title top, lots of space, then text begins halfway down the page? I’ve tried all three and am damn near blind form staring at them in comparison - LOL

Do you wish I'd just tell jokes and knock it off with all this boring, self-indulgent nonsense?

I apologize (yet again - I am a serial apologist I fear LOL) for the lack of humor in this post. All this techno-nonsense has wrung all the funny out of me.

I hope all of you are doing well, and I send love and good wishes your way!


Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Your new site looks right nice to me!

For a book, think about us old folks, and use dark text on a light background. That just plain makes it easier to look at.

8:06 AM  
Blogger cube said...

Sorry about your blog loss. I'd be so angry, I'd be fit to be tied.

As far as publishing decisions,
I prefer a light background with dark letters, but it's a personal decision that you should make according to your preferences. You have to please yourself, not your fellow bloggers.

OK, I'll stop preaching now ;-)
You'll do just fine.

8:17 AM  
Blogger cube said...

Oh, BTW, you don't have to apologize for being a serial apologist. Serial killer, yes ;-)

8:19 AM  
Blogger threecollie said...

GREAT picture! I try to get ones like that all the time, but just can't quite do it.
I like book covers either way, chapter headings center aligned and 1/4 way down.
But what you like is what matters.
Enjoy your blog just as it is and sympathize deeply with the loss of your original work. I am subscribing to my own and archiving all the posts in gmail in case the same thing happens to me.

9:47 AM  
Blogger TNChick said...

The photo is a beauty.... May Digital DOorway RIP! :(

Now you have that song in my head!!!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Hale McKay said...

I'll echo Miss Cellania's comments.
Nowadays small print = in the trash it went.

1:21 PM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Let's see: Dark background with light text. Chapter 1/4 way down the page, four spaces, then text.

Well, hell, you asked! (If you do something different, that will be because my advice was wrong. Rats.)

Thanks for the chocolates. Arrived uncrushed and juicy. You rock.

2:50 PM  
Blogger booklover said...

Sorry to hear about your blog problems and book difficulties. I wonder what caused the problem with the blog. Hope the book difficulties are resolved soon at least. Thanks for the comments on my blog!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

I like a light background color and then the text to be the same color only several shades darker. I don't, that just seems to be visually pleasing to me. Here's a nifty color site if you need HEX numbers and/or ideas on colors -

I also like chapter headings center aligned, 1/4 of the way down and a small story-related graphic above the header. (I'm thinking Elizabeth Berg's "The Art of Mending?" I could be wrong though).

Good luck! Formatting is a serious pain in the rear.

8:05 AM  
Blogger iwrite said...

Peronsonally, I'm not really that fussy. I guess 1/2 way down the page - it just feels like getting a free page somehow, like stumbling across a $20 on the sidewalk or catching a really good backroad and avoiding all rush hour traffic & gaining enough extra time to stop for a really good cup of cofffee. Hm. Does that help? hehe

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Chickadee said...

Woot! Good for you about getting published. I might have to pick your brain about the getting published thing.

I miss the Digital Doorway. Have you thought more on moving your blog again?

2:47 PM  
Blogger StringMan said...

You've made a great recovery on your blog, although I wasn't around to see your earlier one. This one is just fine.

Larger type for me. I'm intimidated by fine print.

8:24 PM  
Blogger buffi said...

I think you have done a lovely job makikng the move over here. Not that you had a choice, I suppose. ;)

About the book? I dunno. Those are things I never considered having to make decisions about. Just add that to the list of reasons why I should never write a book. The first, of course, being, that I am not a writer....

11:25 PM  
Blogger Aaron Cook said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:27 AM  
Blogger ribbiticus said...

hey, it was fun while it lasted, right? we love this new site now so there's no shame in moving on...

i've always wanted to take pen and paper and write something but never really had the time or the guts. kudos to you for doing it! :)

1:30 AM  
Blogger Marti said...

Miss Cellania - I think the dark on light is probably easier to read too.
Cube - Yes, I was pretty angry when it happened. Thanks for commiserating - LOL Nope, I’m not a serial killer LOL
Three Collie - Subscribing to your own blog as a backup is brilliant! What an excellent idea!
TN Chick - Sorry for getting the song stuck in your head - LOL (That happens to me all the time)
Hale - I agree, tiny print is WAY too hard to read!
Hoss - Thanks for the suggestions. So glad you got your chocolates from winning the Valentine Joke Contest! Enjoy!
Booklover - I have somewhat of an idea, if you read the very first post here (About this blog).
Karen - I appreciate the tips! Yes, this technical stuff is harder than the twriting - LOL
Leigh - those sound like awesome bonuses! LOL
Chickadee - I am still considering getting a domain of my own, but I wanted to get this darned book thing finished before jumping into a new project.
Stringman - Larger type seems to be the most popular!
Buffi - they are things I never thought about before either - LOL (And I think you’re a mighty fine blog writer!)
Aaron - Why you choose to be disparaging on your first comment here is beyond me. Not feeling well? Blessing to you for recovery.
Ribbiticus - I’m fortunate that the old blog is still there, at least it didn’t just vanish - LOL
Thank you ALL (even Aaron, poor thing) for stopping by. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment. The overwhelming opinion seems to be for large print, and a cover with a light background and dark print. You are most generous to share your thoughts with me.

May peace and joy be with you all.

4:59 AM  
Anonymous TSB said...

Relax, and do what is most pleasing to your eye, after all, it is YOUR book.

Thanks for commenting on my site this morning, it's always nice to meet a new friend.

8:23 AM  

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